Reciprocity Failure
A few short weeks ago, I started my first long term portrait project. Interpersonal connection is my most cherished experience in life and I hold my friends very dearly. Exacerbated by the pandemic but even before these times, life started to drift apart. Decisions about job offers, college degrees, relationships, clawed their way into the forefront of people I knew since 5th grade and before. Many of my closest friends were in a state of upheaval, conscious or unconscious and I wanted to document this fleeting time in their lives. Our relationships as they are now, how they may be about to change. I started asking them to sit with me for portrait sessions and the scope soon expanded.
I reached out to old friends, ones I hadn't seen or spoken to in years. Ones which lives I only saw glimpses of on social media. In the future, this project will continue to portrait my closest friends, as well as the ones where relationships broke of, driftet or fell apart. Trying to look at how they see themselves, how I see them, what kind of vestiges of old feelings are still there. Offering a melancholic view of shared memories, experiences and interwoven journeys. Situations in which we managed to hold onto our friendships and people not in my lif
The images are made on a 4x5/9x12 camera on panchromatic film, self developed, scanned and printed. Long exposures will be intermingled under regular ones. The project is called Reciprocity Failure.

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